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Archive # 011


Tag in The Seam – “Move Over Goblin…There’s Something Sluttier!”

 Original Release Date – Oct. 22, 2006

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I lost my head for a hot minute there.

LOTS of stuff has happened between then and now, there’s so much to talk about.  Please accept my apologies for the massive delay.  I am back on track and will be rattling on for all of you to hear soon!!!  XOXOXOXO


Thank you all for the support and messages and love.  🙂

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Archive # 018

2016-08-12 11.50.37

Tag in The Seam – Episode 018 – “Fear the Repo Man”

Original release – 02/2007

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Adapter of the adapter saves the day!


So I pulled out all of my audio equipment today.  (It had an impressive layer of dust, I must tell you)  I have a lot of old school audio equipment, which I quickly learned doesn’t really connect to the new version of the MacBook Pro.

Now, I am perfectly willing to buy the new less complicated stuff, but MAN what a waste! So, Jeff brought me an adapter for the already rigged up adapter of my RCA cables coming from my compressor and mixer, and we tested it out and IT TOTALLY WORKS!

YAY!!!!  PROGRESS!!!!!!  We are getting there!  🙂


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VOICEMAIL – 323-642-8487

and yes that is 323-642-TITS


Want to help me test out this new voicemail account?

OF COURSE you do!  🙂

Go ahead, call away!!

Leave me ridiculous, funny, awesome messages, show ideas, whatever, let me know how that all goes on your end, and what I can do to tighten up the interface for all that.

Ready, set, go!!

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You can now go get it on iTunes, well in a couple of days.


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Archive #019


Tag in The Seam – Episode 019 – “Astronauts and Black Sheep”

Original Release – 02/2007

Photo: Parsec Awards – Dragon*Con 2007 –  Atlanta, Georgia


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Archive #007

Tag in The Seam – Episode 007 – “The Lost Art of the Pick-Up Line”

Original release – 09/2006

My post Dragon*Con 2006 labor of love podcast.  This one was super fun to create, produce, and edit.

I recall this being an editing giant for me, but MAN OH MAN was it hilarious to pull together.

Good times GOOD times, how could I forget Billy West recording a promo for me!!!!

Holy mother, how I miss Dragon*Con.


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Gettin’ There


You amazing folks who are watching, will notice this website change 203948203948203948 times, while I get myself back up to speed with everything.  Posts, sidebars, links, etc.

I am just super excited right now to have a new shiny Macbook Pro and finally have the tools to pull this off again!  You all KNOW I have the stories to tell, and the support, help, fun, and cheerleading you all have been doing is just making my cup runneth over.  🙂

Let’s all take a minute, and say THANK YOU to Jeff, who is the awesome boyfriend, who bought me this shiny happy new MacBook Pro, putting my creativity back into my eager hands.  🙂




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